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09 June 2010

It Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

I am, of course, talking about cleaning my studio.

For those of you who haven't been to my house, I am lucky enough to have two rooms for my work.  The front room is the sewing room.  It sounds just like it says--I do the sewing in there.  It's also where I keep my yarn.  It has molding around the ceiling, a bay window, and is painted two lovely shades of grey.  I have an antique silver-gilded armoire for storing the merchandise.  The mirrored doors are perfect for when clients come over for fittings.  In other words, the front room is a sweet little space.

Its also a complete wreck right now.
And somebody get some clothes on that girl!   You can't see the sewing machine, but it's behind the tutu.

The other room is the cutting room, which is the spare bedroom.  It has a large glass door going out to the wrap-around porch and an oddly vaulted ceiling.  I have a 4'x8' cutting table, and I keep the books, patterns, fabric, and art supplies in this room.  Up until now, it's also been something of a catch-all.

Both rooms are such a mess that I can't get anything done.  And in the interest of getting a fresh start...

Okay, to be truthful I'm procrastinating.  I'm supposed to be writing an online class for work.  It's a basic patterndrafting class for high-schoolers.  And I REALLY do not feel like doing it right now.  The sad fact of the matter is that I only clean when there's something I want to do less.  Like work on this class.  There is nothing like cleaning for a good productive procrastination session.  I can always justify it.  I can't work on the class if I can't use my cutting/drafting table, right?  Right. 

 Like I said; it will get worse before it gets better.  Much much worse.
And like my Grandad says, it is time for me to "Commence to commence."